Focus on your community, not your website.

Brigadehub handles the heavy-lifting of infrastructure needs in your volunteer org,
so you can put your time and efforts into the needs of your community.

Get real-time insights on your organization

Get by-the-minute updates on your attendance at your events, view attendance over time, or monitor retention and member churn without needing to learn complex queries. The Admin Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of the health of your brigade, and lets you know where to focus your energies.

No coding background needed

Brigadehub is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to use. All content can be updated without coding experience, and helps you distribute the surface area of the content management throughout your organization, regardless of coding expertise.

Use only what you need

Brigadehub comes in a variety of flavors:

The Brigadehub Suite allows you to install Brigadehub without headache, and without worrying about how it works under the hood.

The Brigadehub Themes allow you to hot-swap your themes with other community-driven interfaces, or if none of them suite your needs, you can build a new one for you and other orgs to use.

Or if none of those options work for your team, the Brigadehub Core allows you to install the Brigadehub API without any frontend at all, empowering your team with the strength of Brigadehub's data within your existing infrastructure.

By mixing and matching Brigadehub to the needs of your organization, you can truly customize your experience and the experience of your attendees.

Connect and coordinate with other organizations

Starting Q2 2017, the Brigadehub Network will allow you to not only share your civic projects with other communities, but also pull in project details from other orgs. So long as at least one install of Brigadehub is running, a distributed P2P network will keep the data alive, making it future-proof, even if support for it fails down the line.

Brigadehub is partnering with some out-of-this-world organizations for beta testing:

Are you using Brigadehub for your group? Let us know and we'll add your logo here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

If I try out Brigadehub am I stuck with it forever?

Not at all! Brigadehub is designed to only to augment your current infrastructure, we're building in export functionalities to bring your data with you if you leave it.

Do I need to spend a lot of time getting it running?

So long as you have a Github account, you can have Brigadehub up and running in a matter of minutes.

Can I switch themes later?

Yes! In the Brigade Management page, you can switch your theme for any that are published to the community (or your own, if you want)

Will I need to update this later?

The upgrade/update path for Brigadehub is still being worked out (one reason why this is still in beta), but the goal is to be able to upgrade to newer versions from within brigadehub itself.

What do I do with my current content? Do I have to rewrite all my blog posts?

We're building in import functions that will interface with the major blogging platforms (Wordpress, Jekyll, Medium) and will import them all into your admin dashboard.

How do I request feature changes / report bugs?

Brigadehub is open source, so you can not only report an issue on Github, but you also have the option of fixing/pull requesting the item and becoming a full-fledged contributor!

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